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  Consumer Finance Division


The Consumer Finance Division (CFD) is responsible for regulating licensing and compliance examination for non-depository consumer lending, deferred presentment services (“aka payday lending”), check cashing, mortgage lending, mortgage servicing and all of their employees doing loan originating or loan modification activity.


Consumer Loans...

Consumer Loans made by non-bank / depository institutions with interest rates exceeding 12% APR  are required to be licensed through the CFD whether located in South Carolina, outside of the state or doing lending activity via the internet, mail or other means.

Links to state laws on consumer loans:

Deferred Presentment Services (aka payday lending)...

A person may not engage in the business of deferred presentment services without first obtaining a license pursuant to Title 34 Chapter 39. A separate license is required for each location from which the business is conducted.

Deferred Presentment providers are required to enter consumer information into the South Carolina Deferred Presentment database (Veritec Solutions, LLC.) to determine consumer eligibility as set forth in Title 34. See Section (34-39-175) 

Link to law on deferred presentment:

Check Cashing...

Check Cashing activities performed by non-depository entities where fees are charged or other consideration made is required to be licensed in South Carolina through CFD. 

Link to check cashing laws:



Mortgate lending

Mortgage Lending / Servicing...

Mortgage Lending/Servicing by non-depository entities are required to be licensed in South Carolina through the CFD. Subsidiaries of depository institutions that are not wholly owned and regulated by one of the federal banking agencies are also required to be licensed in South Carolina through CFD. Loan originators employed by licensed lenders/servicers must also be licensed through CFD.

Please note that loan modifications done by employees of  licensed servicers is also considered origination activity by South Carolina law and required licensing.

Link to laws on lending/servicing

See requirements for “High Cost Home Loans:

All mortgage licensing is initiated through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing system and Registry. See link for NMLS:

For more information please visit:


Contact The Consumer Finance Division

Mailing Address:

3rd Floor, Edgar Brown Building
Suite 306
1205 Pendleton Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: 803-734-2020    Fax: 803-734-2025


Commissioner of Consumer Finance: Ron Bodvake
Assistant Commissioner of Consumer Finance: Sally Estes 
Assistant Commissioner of Consumer Finance: Carl Jeffcoat
Administrative Assistant: Kayla Green